Victorian Gilt Antiques.. treasure on Waiheke…

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As you may have gathered by now, I am very much into treasure. Every year I visit New Zealand to hang out with my brother and we always stay on the magical island that is Waiheke. Famous for its many beaches, successful (and delicious) vineyards its close to Auckland and a real gem of a place. Well worth a day visit if not a longer stay it has become one of my favourite holiday destinations.

For me, one of the best places to pass time is Victorian Gilt Antiques. It is an absolute treasure trove of antiques, collectables, shiny gems and many marvels. I have been known to spend hours there, inquisitively asking the owner Gill forall about the pieces she has collected over the years. A few of my top picks are her fashion house sketches that she picked up in Paris, which now hang in my bedroom in London.

There is usually an interesting story behind each piece, which is what I love! Below you can find some of my picks. Obviously, I had to play dress up and play with a few shiny pieces.. Thank you Jill and see you very soon!


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