Blade & Apex by Georgina Boyce Fine Jewellery








If you haven’t hears of her already, Georgina Boyce is a fine jewellery designer that you need to know. For me her pieces featured here are not only dazzling diamonds that will finish off any outfit, casual or smart… but her Blade earrings and her Apex necklace, for me are symbols of power to the woman that wears them. The Blade earrings make any look¬†sharp and elegant. The earrings pictured here ate 14 carat white gold with pave set diamonds. I especially love the use of her hinged latched wire fitting , which make the jewellery feel secure. Important with fine jewellery for me anyway.

Even the names of this collection have connotations of power. Her Apex necklace pictured here is 18 Carat Rose Gold, set entirely with pave diamonds.. 1.42 carat to be precise. It is a stunning piece, wearable everyday and adds that extra sparkle that we all love!

Interview with her is coming soon…


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